Spiritual Direction Opportunity

It is difficult in the midst of a busy life to notice the Presence of God. We offer a variety of trained Spiritual Directors to support you in deepening your prayer and relationship with God.

What is Spiritual Direction?

It is a traditional ministry within the Church wherein one trained in theology and Spiritual Direction skills accompanies another on their faith journey. The Spiritual director helps you talk about your relationship with God your prayer life and listen with you to the Spirit.

How does it help in Discernment?

Spiritual Direction enhances your openness to God’s Will, offers clarity and freedom to help you grow in God’s love and helps you become more attentive to God’s call in your life.

What does the Spiritual Director do?

A person trained in the Art of Spiritual Companionship will listen to you attentively. She/he will encourage you in your faith journey, respect your freedom and call forth fullness of life within you. They will pray for you and help you get in touch with your deepest desires.



What do you do?

Pray daily….reflect on your life experiences and relationships and share simply what is happening in your prayer and relationship with God. Be open to affirmation, insights and support from the one who is helping you unfold your story.

Spiritual Direction is a CONFIDENTIAL MEETING between you, God and your companion. Your Spiritual Companion follows a code of ethics. This allows for your total openness, honesty, peace and freedom to pursue your relationship with a living God who calls you to holiness and discipleship.

Do you desire Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is available Wednesdays at the Villa by appointment. Other times and days available in other areas. Suggested donation – $30-$70 per conference.

Contact Information

Sr. Molly Neville, SNJM   neville.molly@yahoo.com

Sr. Lois MacGillivray, SNJM  loismacg@gmail.com